Can anyone shed some light on gamehack #3


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A player on my server got banned for gamehack #3 and he said he wasnt hacking and i cant find any thing about it, is it a wrong ban from battleye or was he really hacking.. Just wanted to know if he was hacking or if its a error with battleye.
Any info on this would help thx for your time


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I googled it and there's a fair bit of information that pops up about it....
only thing i could find about it, is about people using scripts or some kinda of software running in the backround.. I just wanna make sure im not gonna unban a hacker..
What did you find about it, the same or is it battleye error
We had a regular player also get banned for game hack #3. Then 5 minutes later he logged back in and said he wasn't aware of any ban at all (He had just disconnected). We know it wasn't a CDKey change as it was a whitelisted server based on GUID.


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On a certain site that I read to see what they are up to, it said users were being banned by it randomly that weren't even cheating. Most were able to rejoin the server and those that couldn't, could join other servers still.

So yes I would say it's BE stuffing up.
gamehack 3 is when the client have delay after a data update from the server cause for the parser of some cheats. but could fired by record programs or a shitty computer.
According to a certain cheat on a certain site:

"v3.6 - Added a fix to bypass the new detection routine. #3 Kicks should be completely gone."
"#3 Kicks should be completely gone."



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Perhaps related? But we were seeing a lot of kicks yesterday for "#3 Corrupted Data"

I strictly admin servers (don't even play) and I got this #3 boot *after* I stopped a stream/recording of an event that was going on. We probably had 30-40 instances of this #3 kicking people off our server through out the event.

Before reading this thread; I had googled around and it seemed like it was related to streaming/recording, which a lot of people were doing because of the event.