Cant finish loading server/game


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Hey, I got this mod a day ago and at first it wouldnt work, As soon as it got past requesting character data it would give me some public variable restriction? I think it was #86.
Now, thats gone and when its done loading the white bar when I press ok in the bottom right the game crashes.
I can play all of the other mods / maps just fine. Also had i44 and played it. My game is a clean install aside from the maps / mods on dayz commander.
Any thoughts?

Also, when I double click a server to join, Any map before the game starts loading and its on the check mark part, it says Addon 'dayz_anin' requires addon A_Crane_02
I havent removed any files or anything like that.
The server name is also grey.
Now when I start my game, It starts loading INTO the actual dayz game/server where id get to play. and gives me some orange streetlamp error lol.
it exactly says : No entry bin\config.bin/cfgmonaivehicles/streetlamp_basemediumorange.simulation.
Please help!