Can't play any Overwatch servers.


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Installed both manually and using DayzCommander, I keep getting the whole "Files not signed by a key accepted by this server" message up, any ideas on how to fix this? Itching to play Overwatch.


Delete the mod manually from your Arma 2 OA directory. Reinstall it through DayZ Commander and ensure you're searching/joining Overwatch servers.

If it still happens, PM me and I'll be happy to assist. It's possible that you're joining a server that didn't copy the key files correctly and you're showing a different bisign key file than what the server is supposed to have.


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did the above, its still f$%^$d.

first I was able to play on overwatch before I reformatted my pc...after the reformat...

I can play all other mods for dayz but not overwatch....
I have reinstalled Arma2 (played it as admin) then AO (also played it as admin) then instealed dayzmod via steam (plays fine) using dayz commander I download and install all mods and can play ALL of them save...overwatch

when I try to join any overwatch server the results are as follows
#1- I can log in but the second my character drops into the map it only gives me the "disconnect" button from the character load part of map (if I click disconnect and relog it goes to #3)

#2- arrowhead/addons ... are not signed by a key accepted by this server (the guys server side tell me its bitching about the enfeild riffle texture... on my end its talking about a pbo?)

#3- you are running an incorrect version of dayz code, you are running and this required 0.2.4
...yes dayz is the CURRENT dayz normal code.....and 0.2.4 is the CURRENT for overwatch...
why is this confusing my dayz code for my overwatch code?

#4- no entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgMagazines.Skin_Camo2_DZ'....when I click continue it goes back to #3

I have been all over the net, tried more fixed then I can name. I have manually installed/removed and used steam and dayz commander in so many dif ways I broke down and went back to basics.....fresh install (and a second reformat of my PC) Everything is working and all mods run...except....overwatch....