CC V7.3.0.0 [OUTDATED]


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DayZ Controlcenter V7.3.0.0

  • [FIX] Vehicle inventory not saving after a restart
  • [FIX] Vehicle damadge not saving
  • [FIX] Vehicle worldspace not updated when moved
  • [FIX] Vehicles not being removed from database when fully damage
  • [FIX] Deployables not being removed from database when destroyd by player
  • [FIX] Building import through CC tools not working
  • [FIX] Sorting under "Entities&Info" for vehicles wasn't working at all
  • [FIX] Sorting under "Entities&Info" for deployables wasn't working at all
  • [FIX] Database backup not working
  • [FIX] onDifferentData not being read by CC under Configuration/Security
  • [FIX] Database table world_vehicle not being created correctly
  • [FIX] Item check displaying some legal items as banned
  • [FIX] Vehicle import through CC tools not working
  • [FIX] Deployable inventory not saving after restart
  • [FIX] Destroying/burning deployables not working
  • [REM] Damage column from instance_deployable(not used)
  • [REM] Removed view v_player in database
  • [REM] Removed view v_vehicle in database
  • [REM] Removed view v_deployable in database
The ideal place to post bugs/problems is under following:
Server related issues
Controlcenter related issues

Known issues:
*Displaying "Received invalid data" when launching software.
(Ignore, waiting on access to the ftp server so I can update the version check.)
*Deployables/vehicles are broken on some additional maps
*Secondary ammo/bandages in CC inventory editor doesn't save

Download section here