[CDS] Classical DayZ Servers - Epoch Chernarus

Welcome to my server advertisement!
I have recently opened a brand new DayZ Epoch server based on the map Chernarus. We are a new DayZ organization, willing to start or improve players experience on DayZ. If there are any problems on our server e.g hacker, glitch please report it immediately to an admin. Best way of getting hold of us, is teamspeak. We are usually hanging around in the Admin Channel. Our future plans are to make enough money off donations and setup a forums website plus another server.
AI Missions (Building Supplies, Disabled Military Helicopter, Weapons Cache, MV22 etc)
Snap Building Pro
Self Bloodbag
Deploy Bicycle with a toolbox
God mode and weapons disabled in all trader cities (including hero and bandit vendors)
£1.00 x +5000 or -5000 in-game humanity (may consider wanting +25,000 humanity, so you will need to donate £5)
£6.00 for a permanent load out (every time you respawn you will spawn with the gear that you ask us to give you e.g spawn with M4A1, British Assault backpack but remember we will have our restrictions so no stupid loadouts like, AS50, RPG-7, Large Gunbag so be reasonable)
£10.00 for a Building Supplies Box
As we want a reliable and smooth running server, we are not going to go over the top with scripts and custom vehicles/weapons. Because it may cause performance issues. I am going to open a Steam group based on the server, therefore you can join and post recommendations and of course donate. Once we have enough for a forums site, everything will be changed over to there.
Server Address (IP):
TeamSpeak Address (IP):
Steam Group: nil (until November 23rd 2014)
Just added a lot of new items to the trader menus e.g M107 now available at Bandit/Hero vendor. Plus just installed the script 'Take Clothing' so you can now take the clothing off a dead corpse. Auto refuel, repair and rearm has been added as well, refuel is free, repair is 3oz gold and rearm is 1 10oz gold for 3 magazines (armoured suv 2000 rounds in a mag, with rearm it will be 6000).