Celle and Sarge AI...

...has anyone gotten this working?
I've gotten Sarge AI running quite well on my Tavi and Chernarus maps, but can't quite figure out why it's not working on Celle.

I get no errors in the .RPT file, log in normally, no errors pop up, loot spawns normally, everything looking like it's working except no AI anywhere. We spent hours looking for them this morning.

Weird. Is it me or is there something else?


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They work fine on our Celle server and i followed Sarge's tutorial ok.

Check your SAR_cfg_grps_mbg_celle2.sqf file to see that you actually have some groups set to spawn in. I have no random spawn AI but a lot of static spawns at a military compound i have added to the map and at the airfields. You could upload your mission.pbo and i can take a look at it to see if i can see any problems or try adding static spawns for the AI so you will know exactly where they will be after a restart.
Sure thanks. I've found that if I leave everything alone, it seems to work, we can sometimes find the NEAF bandit pack. But others seem to be non-existent.

I'll attach my .pbo, thanks for checking it out.


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With my limited knowledge it looks as though you should have some spawning at some random locations as well as the ones you mentioned, have you checked your RPT file to see if it is all starting up ok and spawning AI?
Thanks for looking Baseline.
Can you tell me what exactly I should see in the .RPT to see for positive startup? Or am I just looking for errors?
When you did your static spawn did you enable all the ones listed in groups_cfg file?


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I have this at start up in my RPT file

17:12:34 "SAR_AI: Area & Trigger definition Started"
17:12:34 "Setting up SAR_AI for : mbg_celle2"
17:12:34 "SAR_AI: Area & Trigger definition finalized"
17:12:34 "SAR_AI: Static Spawning for Helicopter patrols started"
17:12:35 "SAR_AI: Static Spawning for Helicopter patrols finished"

I've uploaded my SAR_cfg_grps_mbg_celle2 file to pastebin so you can see how i have added my static spawns, Manatee had done a lot of work with the grid and spawn locations already i just made some static spawn locations for my Military compound i added to the map so the AI patrol/fortify and ambush around it.
Don't know if this will be of any help to you but maybe you can figure something out somehow or just try adding SARGE again using a default pbo and double check all the install steps. Good luck!
I added Sarge into a stock pbo, with your files and I saw all the AI spawn on the map (with debug on) but I still don't see those lines you have on in my RPT file... weird. Playing around (thanks for your help!)


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I would just tear it up and start with a default mission and server pbo or a back up from before you tried to add SARGE this time and try again and be vert careful not to make any mistakes from the tutorial. the slightest thing can mess a script up :(


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The lines are in the RPT right after the initial restart of the server after the updating base classes and banned weapon classes.
Weird, I don't see them at all... but I got it running ok. I used the default SAR_config and a modified SAR_cfg_grps_mbg_celle.

Thanks for your help, not sure what I did wrong, but going back to stock PBO first, then adding Sarge AI, then adding in our "admin dome" worked.

Now to tinker with them.

Did you add the rh_ weapons from Celle to the AI or just leave them with their standard loadouts?
I found that one just a while ago, thanks man. It's supremely helpful!

Last question (maybe!)... Did you, or can you, edit the skins of the AI to any of the special ones that are on the Celle map? Some Special Forces AI would be awesome!


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I think i had the bandit AI with the actual in game bandit skin "Clan_Terror2_DZC" but you can change them all to whatever you like in the SAR_config.sqf presuming you are running the latest versio of SARGE.