Celle Bug Reports


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I changed everything in client and server, but it still does not work.
does it have something todo with Cannot create non-ai vehicle Bandit1_DZC, ?


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I saw that the missionside fixes we've made in V1.7.5.1 were working. There are some Bandit1_DZC & BanditW1_DSC updated in the survivor table until i've upgraded to v1.9. Tonight i try to merge the dayz-code from Stay tuned!

EDIT: No chance to fix it. Seems there are mistakes in the cfgVehicles.hpp. The bandit class isn't set etc. I try to turn of the humanity Morph and hope it will work. Too bad what happened to celle -.-


Still having issues with the bandit thing, added in the sqf files and upated init. wasnt able to do the dayz code extraction because the link is dead.
used all the updated BEFILTERS and got error 39 create vehicle while firing missile from the land rover with the RPG thing on the back