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Additional features/explanations:
PlayerIntegrityRating (PIR)

Based on different parameters, Omega will calculate a PIR rating for each individual player and display a value from 0% to 100% to indicate if a player is potentially malicious.
Account mapping
A backend algorithm tries to connect players based on different parameters to potentially identify alternate accounts.
GUID reversing
CFTools offers all 3 potentially important player ID variants (BattlEye GUID, SteamID64 & BohemiaInteractive UID)
Player tracking
All players are present in a global database, eg. players fetched on any Omega enabled server are manageable. A players profile contains all essential information and tools to administrate your server.
VPN detection
Omega offers a VPN detection and (optional) protection to directly kick players connecting via VPN. Players using VPN are flagged as VPN users, directly influencing their PIR.
Omega Serverclient
The serverclient offers an automatic persistence recovery system, crash restarter/detection and email alerts. Also it is able to transmit log entries and collect system health information to minimize the need for additional software.