Change backpack and vehicle capacity

Hi Guys,
I wanted to change the capacity of my backpacks and vehicles on my DayZ Taviana server. I'm running Taviana 2.0. The Server is hosted by
Greetings from Germany and Happy Christmas! :)


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Those are configured in the client side files, and if you modify them, anyone who joins your server will need to download the modified files.
Well, that's not a Problem, because it's a private server for me and my friends. Where can i find them? an don't i have to change anything in the server Files? I'm new to the DayZ mod in Scripting or something like this^^ :D
I just edited my Dayz_code.pbo and loaded it up into my server and changed it in my @taviana modfolder. Now, when i try to join my Server i get kicket off the game. Battleeye is off.