Changing the loot that the Ai's drop

How would I be able to change the loot that the ai's have on them, in the config i see

//Number of selections of medical items (Inventory)
DZAI_invmedicals = 2;

//Number of selections of edible items (Inventory)
DZAI_invedibles = 3;

//Number of selections of medical items (Backpack)
DZAI_bpmedicals = 4;

//Number of selections of edible items (Backpack)
DZAI_bpedibles = 1;

//Maximum number of items to select from DZAI_MiscItemS table.
DZAI_numMiscItemS = 10;

//Maximum number of items to select from DZAI_MiscItemL table.
DZAI_numMiscItemL = 5;

but how do I change what is in these sections, for example how can i change what is in numMiscItemL?
Go into you DZAI\init\world_classname_configs folder in your server pbo. You can from there edit for your specific map/mod by editing the files within the folders.

For example I am running an overpoch server (Epoch/Overwatch mashup) and added all the different weapons/items to my DZAI\init\world_classname_configs\epoch\dayz_epoch.sqf file. If you do edit this file I highly recommend that you set your DZAI_verifyTables = true; in your dzai_config.sqf file and you need to set DZAI_dynamicWeaponList = false; if you are editing the weapons list and don't want it to be dynamically generated from the mod CfgBuildingLoot tables.
Hi, i got a custom loot table so the normal loot is mixed with the overwatch loot (i'm running an overpoch server too). Is it possible that the ai uses these custom tables to dynamically generate their gear? If not, could you send me your dayz_epoch.sqf file.

Yes they can dynamically generate their gear from those lists. The reason I setup mine the way I did was to have a little more control over what the low level town AI got as we had AI spawning with high end assault rifles in Kamenka using the dynamic system with the overpoch loot tables. When I get back to my dev system I'll send you the file.
Ok, i found the variable for using the custom loot table, but if i set it to true nothing changes.
I guess i have to define where to look at for the custom tables, right? Mine is in the description.ext at the top (#include "addons\customloot\CfgBuildingLoot.hpp"). So, how do i do that?
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