Chernarus Law CPD Turf War Event

PC Server: Chernarus Law CPD
Event: Turf wars

Turf Wars

2 opposing forces represented by colors (red, blue) fight for control of a city for 20 minute matches

The objective : to accumulate as many kills for your team as possible. The team with most kills at the end of the timer wins. Players bring their best gear for the first life and Admins will spawn guns and mags before the match start in different buildings around the city to create a battle royal type atmosphere for respawns.

Reward : The winning team will get 75k rubles ea and equipment and will control the town.

How it works :The winning team will choose to defend current coastal town or attack the next coastal city turf.

The first turf war will be held in Kamishovo. Fight to the death then respawn and find or redistribute weapons to get back in the fight.

Vote now for what gang you want to join.

Thumbs up for Red
Peace sign for Blue ✌️

Turf War Event starts tonight at 9:30 pm eastern standard time