Chernarus Map Additions


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Since I've stopped running servers I've gone through some of the map additions I made in the 3D editor and thought I'd release them.

Some are heavy loot areas and others are just small additions to kind of fill in some areas. May update this post if I find anymore on my PC since I remember having a lot more then what I found.

** Requires @MAP addon and custom loot tables including @MAP addon buildings for loot to spawn in them.
*! Some buildings may throw popup errors on joining server, can't remember if I fixed them or not but it would be certain tents that need to be replaced with another tent class name in the sqf file.

Download LInk:


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@Inkko - thanks for that! I still run a dayzmod server and have collected a bunch of random ones that I put on the server from time to time just to change it up.