Chopper Ammo refuel


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i got this to work but is there anyway to make it so this only comes up for Helis and not cars that just go over it because it just cuts their engine off, cant go no where .

now iam just getting kicked for script restriction #79
I have released the files!! Find there here:

Current Version: 1.0
Please post any issues here!

So, for tonight, I set out doing this:

It will reload a helicopters guns..

But before everyone starts shouting "OP!" "Booo!!" "Domination by heli crewz!!!!!!!"
let me explain it...
It is at NWAF
When a helicopter goes in to land, it needs to land on the helicopters pad (H thingy)
Then it is shut down, no matter what, and it is not able to turn on until all mags are filled.
This will take a long time, leaving the crew on the ground having to protect themselves and their precious baby
At this time, you will be able to see the various stages through the refuel trough vehicle chat in the helicopter .
If you leave the helicopter, it stops reporting what its doing and your running around blind, not knowing how much longer your gonna be..?
Others can leave the helicopter, or all can leave it, or, everyone can stay in side it, "safe", but pick wisely on who you are going to throw out, the vehicle chat will be said by someone in the helicopter, if that person gets out the helicopter wont report updates until he gets back in
This whole load is about 4-5 minutes, don't quote me on that, though, it does depend on the helicopter, and I do not recommend you try this with an Mi 17 until someone tells me, how many mags does it have? Those, clips your can reload the guns with?
It has been based on the UH-1H and that only has 6 clips, I need to know how many the Mi - 17 has...
Then, once the ammo is filled, its go time, the helicopter does a final run through and it tells you to get ready to go, and then it fuels up again, however now, regardless of how much fuel you had before, there is 25% in it. The crew of the helicopter now has to make a plan to go and refuel... How close is the fuel station? Best you plan this before you land!

If a car parks here, it goes through the process and will get 25% fuel too, but nothing else will change :)

Thoughts? Ideas? Questions?

If you want to know more or what it when I release it please post HERE :D
Does this work with rmod installed im trying with lil luck
but also a noob