ClanDoolittle Grave Markers


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This is a group management tool that should work across any platform. With that in mind, these directions are for in mind.

This adds a Grave Marker for players on map so they can find their bodies easier.

Feel free to setup the main folders different if you want, but if you do, don't ask for help.

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In your "init.sqf' file, add inside the 'if (!isDedicated) then {' section
    // Setup Main Calls
    call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers"ClanDoolittle\Subs\GraveReveal\init.sqf";
Server Install

inside your 'server_monitor.sqf' file after the time set section add the following
if (!isDedicated) then {
  execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\ClanDoolittle\Subs\GraveReveal\init.sqf";
  // Need to pause for my stuff to initialize
  sleep 1;

Get the two files "" and ""

The client file contents goes in your mission pbo under a folder "ClanDoolittle\Subs\"
The server file contents goes in your dayz_server pbo under a folder "ClanDoolittle\Subs\"