class specific weapons loadouts

Hey Sarge - what about having different weapons arrays for the different ai types. Is like the military so have the more rare weapons, but the survivors have the more common weapons.


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A lot of people on my server would like to see this as well. Like bandits only having AK type weapons, military have military type weapons and so on.


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I 3rd this.
Our players are asking for this also, and in fairness it does make sense right?

We have adjusted the Sur to be a bit poo, the Ban to be a bit better and the Mil to be ace, but the weapon changes really would be the icing on the cake.



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already implemented, will be part of 1.5 release (which should go out this weekend if everything goes well).
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Holy cow! What a legend, thanks bruv!!

Gona tell the lads now..epic sauce Sarge!!

If anyone is interested - I've modified my version of Sarge's work to have class specific loadouts, and randomised rifle / pistol loadouts on the survivor class. I'll post when I'm near my computer later today. I just did this quick fix until the next release (not planning on merging it when the next build is done.)
Hey all,

Sry for the delay but I'd thought I'd post my files related to getting more granular control over the ai loadouts

Note - that this is a bit of a hack-job to get it working (works on my server) until the next proper release from sarge.

So the files I modified (to use as reference) are:

SAR_config.sqf -

SAR_setup_AI_patrol.sqf -

SAR_functions.sqf -

The control of the loadouts in these are still controlled in the config file but are segmented out on class

SAR_leader_sold_weapon_list = the loadout for the MILITARY leader AI
SAR_leader_band_weapon_list = the loadout for the BANDIT leader AI
SAR_leader_surv_weapon_list = the loadout for the SURVIVOR leader AI.

Weapons, tools and items follow the same pattern. So on my server only military AI will ever have NVG (helps with the farming aspect).

In the config I've broken it up in leader/rifleman/sniper/pistol loadouts. The pistol is unused in these files - just there for a placeholder.

Any questions - just ask.

KNOWN BUG - occasionally I've seen my military AI leader without weapon - this is simply either a mis-spelled class name of the weapon or a banned weapon (I don't run RMOD on my server).

So either BACKUJP your files and replace with these or use as a reference.

If you use the config - be aware that I only use the UH1H_DZ heli type and I've changed the skin lists for the ai types (all standard - but different from Sarge's base config.)