Could need some Help =(

i just wanted to add today a script like "Full Moon and increase the Crash site spawn"
but i cant download the DayZ_Server.pbo.... FileZilla and WinSCP says always when i try to download the pbo:

Befehl: RETR dayz_server.pbo
Antwort: 550-This file is banned on server!
Antwort: 550 Cannot RETR. No permission.
Fehler: Kritischer Dateiübertragungsfehler

and now i cant do anything.. if i try it on another way... (over the Controll Panel)
and load the DayZ_Server.pbo there up..
cant anyone play on my server... cause they get always a Black Display...
(me 2)
so i have to delete the pbo first.. so the changes are gone but the guys on my server can play...

what can i do`? and sry if im at the wrong area....
Did you try downloading the working server.pbo .... and then uploading it through your control panel?

This will narrow down your problem about the black screen. If a working server.pbo uploaded via control panel doesn't work, you know you can't use that. Else if a working server.pno upload via control panel does work, you know there is a error in the changes you made.

I have no idea what the error's you are getting from your FTP program is.... Other than german.

Can you not FTP via windows (or linux, or bsb, or macos or whatever) built in ftp? (I never have understood why people download and/or buy FTP programs).