Custom ai heli patrols


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Hello! :)

Ive been playing on a server thats got an Heli "taxi" (acutally its more like a bus service but hey) services running, Heli's will land at fixed point on the map, and stay there for 30sec, allowing players to hop on and off, then take off heading for the next fixed point on the map, think its got a total of 5 or 6 stops along the route around the map.

Initially i found this: Which sounds like the EXACT thing I've been looking for for my own private server project. :) But the linked mod seem all but dead, the creator have not been active for 6+ months and the Simple AI system it uses seems very much dead aswell, I have spend 2 days trying to get it to work, but all it does is spawn a ton of choppers west of Kamenka with no sign of the AI's.. even tho the rpt log show's them as beeing creatd without error.

So, on to my actual question. :) Is it possible to make something similar with Sarge AI or any other AI framework for that matter? or are there some basic differences that make it completely impossible.

Im aware of the current AI patrols, but as far as i can read, they are AI only patrols.

Thank you!

With a few days of fiddling with the linked ai patrol script ive managed to make it work somewhat, so please ignore this. :)