Custom Loadout

Can someone help me on creating a custom loadout?

Either by editing the code or via the database. I see references to HiveExt.dll but I cannot seem to find that.

I am running Overwatch 0.2.5


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I too need help. Does anyone have custom starting loadouts, and custom loudout groups working with 0.2.5?? Apparently the instructions Vilayer provide do not work with 0.2.5


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No I did not. I use Vilayer and Vilayer has the custom loadout option which I tried but it did not work correctly with Overwatch, so I tried to turn off all the options. This caused some probs with items showing up, so I basically had to do trial and error and this is what I have in my playerlogin.sqf

_inventory = [["M9"],["15Rnd_9x19_M9","ItemBandage","ItemWaterBottle"]];
_backpack = ["CZ_VestPouch_EP1"];
_items = [];
_magazines = [];
_weapons = [];
_medicalStats = [];
_survival = [0,0,0];
_tent = [];
_state = [];
_direction = 0;
_model = "";
_newUnit = objNull;
_botActive = false;

so overall i have fresh logins equiped with M9, one m9 mag, two bandages, water bottle, flare, and the vestpouch.

Chris Atkins

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Thanks statik. I just made an edit to mine and commented out //[] execVM "\ddopp_taserpack\scripts\init_Taser.sqf"; since I have DayZ.ST. Hopefully this will work for me also.

On a different note...I've been thinking about creating a new mod, based on Lingor island. I'm more interested in the map build than the coding. I cannot write code from scratch. Anyhow...just thought I'd share. I have big plans for Lingor map.