DayZ and Sarge AI

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couple of notes:

a) the new REsec functionality screws up some things in SARGE AI (e.g. the debug monitor). If you encounter issues, i recommend that for the time being, comment REsec out in your init.sqf

b) i have a workaround for this, but only god knows why that REsec functionality needed to be implemented into the client mod ... Would that have been put into the server.pbo, admins would have had a chance to adjust it.

c) That's what i did, moved those 2 files in my server.pbo and removed the RE calls from the blacklist that are needed for SAR AI.

d) everything besides that works in, release of SAR AI version 1.6 will NOT be this weekend, i will need more time to run some final tests.

e) change list so far:

- special Boss AI, configurable
- heavily optimized building usage of AI
- type of air vehicle can be defined for every single patrol
- a ton of bugfixes / improvements

cheers, Sarge
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