DayZ 1.8 Server w/ Mission System and Custom Buildings - Echelon DayZ


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Welcome to the Echelon DayZ thread.
Let's keep it simple.

Server Name: Echelon DayZ
Server IP:

* Well funded, no randomly vanishing into the void
* Plans to continue on into StandAlone
* Always runs the latest DayZ code, updates within 24 hours
* Working Mission System
* Custom Chernarus Map (Added Buildings to spice things up)
* Debug Monitor that displays stats + time until next restart
* Auto-Refuelling vehicles at gas stations and fuel tanks
* Vehicles have a chance to spawn every restart + out of bounds cleanup
* Free TeamSpeak with liberal permissions
* Website w/ polls to decide on new content in the future
* Active Admins + Arma2 scripter (for new content)
* Effective Anti-Hack
* High quality hosting (nfoservers)
* Full BEC Support
* Scheduled 4 hour restarts with warnings
* Small Mission file (147kb)
* 24/7 Daylight


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played on this server a few mins ago...
are there no vehicles? havent found a single one in about an hour running across the map...

which antihack do you use?


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EDIT: Vehicles are now fixed and spawning properly every restart.

There is a problem with the vehicles, yes. I'm currently working on a solution today, hopefully will have it fixed tonight. I'll update this post on the status of that issue. As is, there are no vehicles barring the ones spawned by the Mission system - and those vanish after restart.

You may have also noticed that we don't have a custom loading screen yet. That is also in the works - as soon as the artist is done drawing it, I will add information and upload it.

We use Monky/Hangender/Infistar's Anti-Hack, sold by BlurGaming. I've made some tweaks to it myself but nothing major. I've used it before on past Private Hives I've assisted with and it has come a long way since it's initial conception. However - I believe most DayZ hacks these days are switching to memory based attacks, therefore this type of Anti-Hack cannot catch them. To this extent, I also employ the use of TSW (The Silent Warrior) to manually catch suspicious activity.

Thanks for asking!
I gave it a month and nobody cared. DayZ is already littered with servers. I wasn't going to pay for something people won't use + I lost my job.