DayZ+ACE, Opinions?


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I would love to see some of your guy's opinions on having DayZ and ACE combined into a mod. It has been done before, but it has proven buggy. We believe we can perfect this, as we have an extremely good team that could work on it, if it seemed to be a popular idea.

Some of the features it could include are:

New weapons from ACE and ACEX

New vehicles from other mods that have been added

New items, such as cable ties, balaclava's, safety goggles, gas masks.

New Lethal grenades and traps such as Bouncing Betty's, land mines, phosphorous grenades, gas grenades (which you can be saved by with a gas mask), flash bangs, claymores and many more.

ACE features such as a new flight mechanic, fast roping out of choppers, towing, realistic sniping, and new range finders which require batteries.

Fully customized map, including FOB's and other aesthetics.

This is just a post to see whether this will pay off, and is not an advertisement. I would really love to see your opinions. And please share your ideas as well.