dayz gear editing question


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wondering if anyone can help me. Im sorta new at all of this but i have crammed every possible spot in my brain with info on modding dayz in the past 2 months. SO i understand the basic editing of gear in dayz. converting files editing in photoshop testing offline then if its good fix config add items or publish and i can do that but is there any way I take say the .paa dayz gear file "example : ballisticvest_cp.paa" the flat bunched up messy looking 2d one LOL and convert to .png edit it with photoshop with new look and whatever then convert it back to .paa and render it somehow 3d without having to go in game too see the gear. I hope im saying this right. Check this site out. it has 3d modeled dayz gear and i AM NOT wanting to sell gear like they are i just want too see my gear ive retextured and maybe evenpost pics like those in my community discord for my admins and modders to see when i design new graphics for our server. I have blender, oxygen, 3dx, zbrush and a few other 3d modeling programs but I definitly like RUN full speed before learning to crawl. Sorry about messy post. Anything i just need pointed in the right direction and i will teach myself. thanks :)