Hello survivors!

I'm here to introduce our DAYZ-KINGDOM server that has just been redone!

We have 2 servers here are their presentations:

Our 3PP server is a more casual server although it is not a server or everything falls into your hands.
The server unlike the 1PP home 3 clans that can be joined by the players. The clan system allows to gather players who would be alone or even several to form large groups that can compete against each other. We think clans will bring a new dimension to the server.

Each clan has an enclosure of walls mapped by us to welcome its inhabitants inside. Protection and defense of the clan will be provided by the chief and its inhabitants. As on the server 1PP all crafts custom are present, although on this server it is possible to recover objects already crafted but some remain only craftable.
The server hosts a Trader whose prices are entirely made by us. It is configured so that it is not easy to buy.

A black market is also available, it gathers stuff rarer than the classic trader but, it is located in non-safe area and especially in contaminated areas to increase the risk of getting there.

You can find the complete list of mods of this server at this address:

Mods collection:
Server 3PP:

Our 1PP server is a server HARDCORE for the players who do not have cold eyes! On this server, survival and more than ever difficult.
The weapons and ammunition on the server are a rare commodity, and for the rest, it's the same!

On this server to have a camp you have to work hard, each object must be crafted from the tent to the barrels, new custom items are also craftable.
The night is present on this server although it is rather short.

You will have understood the 1PP server is a server for people who want the challenge and are ready to face the difficulty of DayZ.

You can find the complete list of mods of this server at this address:

Mods collection:
Server 1PP: