Dayz MiniGames - Ranked Games - Fresh server


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Dayz Minigames... (BETA) - Fresh server wiped 03/04/2021

The first server to introduce Ranked games to Dayz, Every Friday through to Sunday we will be hosting live Ranked games, At daily start and end times. On Monday through to Friday you can practice for the upcoming ranked match. Battle out against your friends in our Hunger games mode one weekend and extract him to safety in our combat team games the weekend after. We are going to be hosting a wide range of solo, duo and team ranked games each season, including a different variety of maps.

Why not just Host a normal server?...

Why would we, there are so many servers to choose from currently, and most of them are great, But we wanted to create something different, unique and rewarding. You can earn discord roles for great game play, be rewarded with custom clothing and gun skins and more for winning games. Xp is mainly for bragging rights but at least its not all for nothing, Every Season the leaderboards and player achievements will be stored in the seasons discord channel so players can always look back to see the top players from previous seasons. Players can still play their main server, and play a ranked game here over the weekend, Compete against your friends or random players for your place on the leaderboard, earn xp gain levels and unlock in game rewards.

Weekly Timetable...

Every Weekday - Monday through until Friday 6pm the server will be live and open to play with the exact settings, Loot, and difficulty including vehicles or map edits of the upcoming Ranked Game. (No excuses on ranked match day, some ranked game modes can be hardcore survival and one life only)

Every Weekend - Friday 8pm until Sunday 11pm the server will be hosting a ranked game over specific daily set hours. Signed up players must agree to play these hours. (NO SHOWS AND MID GAME LEAVERS WILL BE BANNED FROM THE NEXT RANKED GAME).

First Ranked Games starts - Friday - 09/04/21 - you can practice now the settings and loot are exactly the same as they will be on Friday for the ranked game. join discord
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