Dayz Pandemic - Hard server - EU - Nomap - NoTrader - Restored Mechanics - New Zombies and Wolfes


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Dayz Pandemic Survival server

Are you bored with servers where you trip over weapons? Bored of spending many hours sorting the mass of items in the base, which you will not have half the opportunity to use? Do you think that this game has neglected mechanics such as hunting, fishing, lighting a fire, etc., which on other servers does not pay to use? Are you of the opinion that trade should be between players and not with a soulless bot, and additions such as an interactive map spoil the fun ?
If you answered yes to the above questions and would like to play more survival, then we would like to invite you to our server on which we think DayZ is a simulator of a survivor of the cataclysm, and not a commando. The server on which we try to focus more on the mods that add new interesting mechanics...
For more information please visit our website, information and crafting can also be found on discord or in the server panel in game under the "Pause - Break" button.

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