DayZ Raditox Oldschool Server


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Hello, do you miss the good old times that you had in DayZ?
If so, I invite you to join our DayZ Private server, it runs the old version.
You need the old Arma2 OA Beta (1.62)

Some Server features:
- 60 Slots
- Active Admins
- High FPS
- Dedicated Server
- Located in Europe (Germany)
- Old icons and Debug Monitor
(If you wanna have the Debug Monitor activated, you just need to change the "DayZ UI" from "Default" to "Debug".
(ESC > Options > Game Options > DayZ UI and change "Default" to "Debug")

Here is the link to the file:

Server information:
DayZ Raditox - PRIVATE SERVER [Ger/Eng] ( 96584) | 3rdP : on | CH : on | Tags : off - hosted by Radiotix


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it's really not that the game has changed - its that the game is not new to you anymore and going back to that first version you played on doesn't bring back that "new game zombies wow cool" feeling you got years ago.