DayZ Sahrani - Changelog

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1.5.0 - Changelog
- Mod Name is Changed fully to Day 7 Sahrani (@Day7_Sahrani)

- The new enterable buildings I added now have loot positions (smd_Panelak2, smd_Panelak3, smd_Maly_open)

- Fixed smd assets magazine icon errors (ItemScrapelectronics, Itemfloppywire, Itempropane, Itemcarbomb, and Itemwoodensplint

- The newly animated World Objects:
1. Land_smd_water_pump ("Pump Water" triggers animation, "Drink Water" triggers drink no SFX yet, will be unified and given SFX eventually)
2. Land_smd_dumpster_glass (no script to populate them with garbage bags or loot yet no SFX yet)
3. Land_smd_dumpster_paper
4. Land_smd_dumpster_plastic
5. Land_smd_dumpster_trash

- Drink from Well script adjusted for the above wells *and no longer allows you to drink from one of the brown buildings in the south

1.1.0 - Changelog
- Standard DayZ Survivor model removed from spawn and loot table
- Spawn as Sahrani Civilian in Shorts with limited inventory space (6primary/6secondary)
- All units show backpacks including BI and SMD retextured Ghillie Suits
- Updated to latest smd_sahrani_a2 version (includes new grass/spring flower clutter and improved animated destruction for the 1 story dum_istan building)

1.0.0 - Changelog
- Updated to Latest SMD_Sahrani_A2 Version 1.0.0
- Lobby Buttons Fixed (had white dropshadow)
- Version number changed to 1.0.0
- Removed Wild Spawning Zombies
- SMD_hatchback_bloodied
- SMD_hatchback_rustbucket
- SMD_Lada_bloodied
- SMD_Ural_Bloody
- SMD_v3s_bloody

0.9.7 - Changelog
- Updated to Version of DayZ Community Assets
- Workbench (added to storage crafting book)
- Carbomb - Crafted from Satchel + Floppy Wires + Elec Scrap
- RPG18 unbanned and added to loot tables
- smd_dum_olez_istan1_open (2 versions)
- smd_dum_olez_istan2_open (2 versions)
- smd_bouda_plech_open
- smd_dum_mesto_in_open
- smd_hangard_withdoor (Desert Aircraft hangar with animated front doors and roll up door with SFX)
- smd_budova3_open
- smd_dum_mesto3
- smd_garaz_long_open
- smd_garaz_open
- Hints moved below Gear Menu
- Black Alpha Background for Action Menu
- Black Alpha Background for Debug Monitor
- Reticule's normalized and Turned White
- Removed Arma "Magic Dot" portion of crosshairs
- "Burn Storage" text turned red to avoid accidental burning of your own storage
- "Light Fire" text turned orange
- Armored Skins - Vests and Vests/Helmets provide additional protectiona (with hints)
- Armored Zombies - Vested/Helmeted Zombies take more damage (WIP)
- Individual panes of Shattering glass on all SMD buildings
- Animated Destruction on SMD_dum_istan_olez1
- Door Breaching on SMD_dum_istan_olez1 and 2
- Drag Body Removed
- 100s of new loot positions
- Loot positions randomized due to high availability of positions and low spawn chances
- Set Carbomb (next person to enter drivers seat tiggers explosion (WIP)
- Flares Fixed (were not casting light due to previous re-addition of them attracting zombies)
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0.7.8 Change Log
- ALL Bicycle damage reset on restart
- MH and AH6 Magnum PI Heli's
- Storage Counters in Gear Menu (thank you Marcel of the DayZ Community Dev Team!)

- Custom Skins not saving to DB fixed
- "Burn Storage" bug fixed
- Crafted "Storage" not saving to DB fixed
- Crafted "Storage" recipe/storage corrections
- Gun Rack = 3 Wood + 2 Nails
- Capacity = 20/0/0
- Weapon Cache = 4 Wood + 4 Nails
- Capacity = 5/75/0
- Storage Box = 3 Wood + 6 Nails
- Capacity = 20/100/10
- "Drink from well" bug fixed
- Heli Wreck loot fixed (temporary - specific loot per wreck type removed)
- New Vehicles types added to SQL tables
- Refuel bugs fixed
- Repair Vehicle bug fixed
- Skin bug fixes
- "Storage" Crafting bug fixed
- Vilas Weapons
- Zeroing removed from all sidearms
- Magazine types narrowed (keeps ammo a bit rarer, more precious)
- Weapon Config Fixes - MG36 MG36_Camo, M60, large guns should all be backpack friendly.

0.7.7 Change Log

[Updated] - Base code


BUILDINGS + Added Loot
- Army Huts - Added collisions to outside stairs (easier to walk up now)
- Army Huts - Removed ability to crawl under (no more l exploit looting
- Army Huts - Widened collisions on doorways (won't get stuck running through doors)
- Army Huts - Improved loot positions
- Raised Guardhouse - Collisions for stairs fixed now enterable
- Raised Guardhouse - Texture erros fixed, now appears blue i/o white facing sun
- Raised Guardhouse - Loot added
- Arma 1 Pubs - Collisions widened for Stairs and hallways
- Arma 1 Pubs - Improved loot positions
- COUNTLESS sidewalks, retaining walls, and builidings have improved pathing for Zeds
- Green Military Fuel Stations now fill Jerry Cans


- Bloodbag only gives 4k blood
- DZ_ALICE_Pack_EP1 // 18 slots
- DZ_Assault_Pack_EP1 //12 slots
- DZ_Backpack_EP1 //24 slots
- DZ_British_ACU //20 slots
- DZ_CivilBackpack_EP1 //22 slots
- DZ_Czech_Vest_Puch //8 slots
- DZ_Patrol_Pack_EP1 //10 slots
- DZ_TK_Assault_Pack_EP1 //16 slots
- Bloodbagging is slow 2 min
- Bloodbagging has chance for infection
- Bloodbagging has chance for cutting recipient
- Fire - Build Fire moved to Woodpile NOT matches
- Fire - Light Fire requires Matches or Flares now
- Fire - Storage containers can be burned (tents, ammo caches, Box Storage etc)
- Chop Wood - Takes down most trees
- Chop Wood - Can Be done next to single tree now
- Drink From Well - Added all water sources
- Crossbow - Reload time decreased
- Crossbow - Quiver converted to 20 Round Magazine
- Crafting Recipes Reworked
- Loot Tables - Almost entirely re worked
- Crafting System Modularized
- Flies removed from Dead Players
- Zombie Spawn radius reduced for players in vehicles
- Zombie Spawns completely redone


- Brick - Throw to Kill Zeds
- Crafted Wooden Splint - Crafted Item (Wood + Tape = Wooden Splint)
- Duct Tape - Crafting/Junk
- Icewindo Sahrani Citizens
- Increased drops for Crafting loot
- JSRS key added to server files
- Money - Junk for now
- Propane Tank - Reacts like Jerry Can to Damage (burns)
- Radio Re-added - Can pickup Radio Distress calls from animated heli-wrecks)
- Scrap Elec. Wire - Junk for now
- Scrap Electronics - Junk for now
- Vilas AKS Pack
- Vilas Dutch Pack
- Vilas Police Units with Custom Textures by Pliskin
- Vilas Western Weapons Pack
- Garaz Mala - 1 bay garages
- House Y - 1 story residential
- Olezina 2 story House
- Schnell Gas Station
- Crafting added to Inventory
- Entirely revamped interface
- Made "Streamer Friendly"
- New Gear Menu Colors
- New Lobby by Seven
- New Main Menu Colors
- New Splashscreen by Yoshi
- New UI Colors
- RA_Chat_Off Key added to Server files
- Animated Heli Crashes
- Multiple Types (black ops, racs, un, standard UH1, blops, un, standard Mi17, and Mh60)
- Highly Tunable (frequency, loot, smoke, distress call radius)
- Chance for Radio Distress call upon Heli going down
- Auto Refuel added to Gas Stations ONLY
- Burn Storage
- Chop Down Tree
- Custom Skins added to inventory of Dead Players (prevents duping bug for Strip clothes script)
- Self Bloodbagging
- Slow - 2min for "succesful tranfusion"
- CAN NOT MOVE during transfusion
- Chance of Infection
- Chance for bleeding
- 4k blood only from full bloodbag
- can not administer bloodbag in combat
- Side Chat Voice discouragement
- Skin_SMD_ATACS_DES - (Bohemia Texture reworked by Pliskin)
- Skin_SMD_ATACS_URBAN - (Bohemia Texture reworked by Pliskin)
- Skin_SMD_RACS_MP - (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- Skin_SMD_RACS_MP_Tan - (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- Skin_SMD_RACS_MP_Tan_Digi - (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- Skin_SMD_RACS_Soldier - (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- Skin_SMD_RACS_Soldier_Digi - (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- Skin_SMD_RACS_SWAT - (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- Skin_SMD_SPD_BLUE - (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- Skin_SMD_SPD_BLUE_DIGI - (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- Skin_SMD_SPD_SWAT_BLACK - (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- Skin_SMD_SPD_SWAT_BLACK_DIGI - (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- Skin_SMD_US_SpecOps - (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- Skin_SMD_US_SpecOps_DIGI - (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- Skin_SMD_US_SpecOps_MP_DIGI - (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- Skin_SniperD_DZ - (Bohemia Original Texture reworked by ShermanFTW)
- Skin_SniperLight_DZ - (Bohemia Original Texture)
- AH6X_SMD_ATACS - (Bohemia Texture reworked by Pliskin)
- AH6X_SMD_RACS - (Bohemia Texture reworked by Pliskin)
- AH6X_SMD_RACS_DIGI - (Bohemia Texture reworked by Pliskin)
- C130_SMD_ATACS - (Bohemia Texture reworked by Pliskin)
- C130_SMD_BLOPS - (Bohemia Texture reworked by Pliskin)
- C130_SMD_BLOPS_DIGI - (Bohemia Texture reworked by Pliskin)
- C130_SMD_DZ - Arma Model Degun/radar'd for DayZ
- C130_SMD_UN - (Bohemia Texture reworked by Pliskin)
- Ikarus_SMD_COKE - (Bohemia Texture reworked by ZombieDanceLeader/Retouched by ShermanFTW)
- Ikarus_SMD_OPENDAYZ - (Bohemia Texture reworked by Pliskin)
- LandRover_SMD_RACS - (Bohemia Texture reworked by Pliskin)
- LandRover_SMD_RACS_DIGI - (Bohemia Texture reworked by Pliskin)
- MH60S_DZ - Arma Model Degun/radar'd for DayZ
- Mi17_Civilian_DZ - Arma Model Degun/radar'd for DayZ
- Mi17_SMD_BLOPS - (Bohemia Texture reworked by Pliskin)
- Mi17_UN_CDF_EP1 - Arma Model Degun/radar'd for DayZ
- MV22_DZ - Arma Model Degun/radar'd for DayZ
- UH1H_SMD_ATACS - (Bohemia Texture reworked by Pliskin)
- UH1H_SMD_BLOPS - (Bohemia Texture reworked by Pliskin)
- UH1H_SMD_BLOPS_DIGI - (Bohemia Texture reworked by Pliskin)
- UH1H_SMD_RACS - (Bohemia Texture reworked by Pliskin)
- UH1H_SMD_RACS_DIGI - (Bohemia Texture reworked by Pliskin)
- UH1H_SMD_UN - (Bohemia Texture reworked by Pliskin)
- z_RACSzombie //Tan Camo Helmet/Pads- (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- z_RACSzombie2 //Sherriff *Removed for now
- z_RACSzombie3 //Black Camo Helmet/Pads- (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- z_RACSzombie4 //US SPEC OPS Helmet/Pads- (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- z_RACSzombie5 //Tan Flat No Helmet/Pads- (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- z_RACSzombie6 //Tan Flat bdu AND vest No Helmet/Pads Blended Vest- (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- z_RACSzombie7 //Tan digi bdu AND vest No Helmet/Pads Blended Vest- (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- z_RACSzombie8 //Tan digi bdu Black vest - (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- z_RACSzombie9 // US BLOPS Black digi bdu AND vest No Helmet/Pads Blended Vest- (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- z_RACSzombie10 //US BLOPS Black Digi Camo Helmet/Pads- (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- z_RACSzombie11 //SPD SWAT Black Digi Camo Helmet/Pads- (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- z_RACSzombie12 //SPD Blue digi bdu Black vest - (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- z_RACSzombie13 //SPD Blue bdu Black vest - (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- z_RACSzombie14 //SPD Black bdu Black vest - (Vilas Model SMD original Texture by Pliskin)
- z_sah_civilian1_pants
- z_sah_civilian1_shorts
- z_sah_civilian2_pants
- z_sah_civilian2_shorts
- z_sah_civilian3_pants
- z_sah_civilian3_shorts
- z_sah_civilian4_pants
- z_sah_civilian4_shorts
- z_sah_civilian5_pants
- z_sah_civilian5_shorts
- z_sah_civilian6_pants
- z_sah_civilian6_shorts
- z_sah_civilian7_pants
- z_sah_civilian7_shorts
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v0.2.1 PUBLIC RELEASE 26 May 2013:
[Fixed] Zeds are easier to avoid. (than before not than the Official Mod)
[Fixed] Some buildings not Spawning Loot.
[Fixed] Global FPS Drop on all clients when player changes clothes.
[Fixed] Large Nested Base craftable without required loot.
[Fixed] Some Craftables Not spawning.
[Fixed] Missing Texture error at millitary zones.
[Fixed] M16 Spawning with MG36 rounds.
[Fixed] MakarovSD Spawning with Standard rounds.
[Fixed] Combat Roll Glitching.
[Fixed] Infinite Morphine.
[Fixed] Zeds Hitting through walls
[Fixed] KSVK no longer destroys/replaces backpack

[Changed] All Extra building locations have been redone.
[Changed] Custom buildings now spawned server side. (Should stop out of sync doors)
[Changed] Reduced ammo from UH1H Camo (UH1H_TK_DZ)
[Changed] Reduced ammo from MH6J (MH6J_DZ)
[Changed] Reduced ammo from RHIB (RHIB_DZ)
[Changed] Bag of nails now has a ~7% chance spawn chance (Same as knife)
[Changed] Reduced chance of zombies spawning under floor of buildings.
[Changed] New Loading Screen.
[Changed] Player crafted deerstands don't spawn loot or zeds.
[Changed] Craftable Gun Rack Stores Weapons and acts like a tent *WEAPONS ONLY
[Changed] Craftable Ammo Box Stores Items/Weapons/Backpacks acts like a tent

[Added] VSS_vintorez
[Added] KSVK
[Added] SCAR_H_LNG_Sniper

[Added] Buses (Takistani and Chernarus)
[Added] GAZ limo
[Added] BAF Offroad Moutned M2 MG (.50 cal)
[Added] Pickup Tubeframe
[Added] SUV

[Added] AN-2
[Added] MH-6J

[Added] Different Ghillie suits for bandits.
[Added] Female Players can now wear ghillies.
[Added] Bandit Clothing now lootable.
[Added] Soldier Clothing now lootable.
[Added] Rocket Clothing now lootable.
[Added] Can now cancel crafting.
[Added] Debug land now resets player to mainland if they logout there. Also given warning.
[Added] Random loot on new character Bandage + 2 random of [Painkillers,roadflares,spare bandage].
[Added] Ability to drink from well's without waterbottle.
[Added] Industrial Sheds (4 types)
[Added] Enterable Churches
[Added] Arma 2 pubs
[Added] Arma 2 Deer Stands
[Added] Arma 2 Fuel Stations (Known "bug" we disabled auto refueling but will add slow auto refueling with the next update) Jerry Cans can ONLY be filled at above ground tanks for now. Brown/rusty or White long above ground tanks (Green Military refueling station tanks also disabled)
[Added] Bars (2 types)
[Added] Ladders to the back of some 1 entrance/exit building (Known bug ladder placement is not always correct)

[Removed] Peripheral Dots FULLY removed, no white/red/green dots at all period
[Removed] Original DayZ code for local vechicle creation to generate junk.
[Removed] All of the CAA1 custom weapons.
[Removed] CAA1 balaclava
[Removed] Radar from UH1H Camo (UH1H_TK_DZ)
[Removed] Radar from MH6J (MH6J_DZ)
[Removed] GPS from RHIB (RHIB_DZ)
[Removed] Lockon for KSVK M107 AS50
[Removed] Auto filling at fuelstations

v0.2 Closed Beta with DayZ Horror 14 Feb 2013:
[Fixed] Updated to DayZ base code
[Fixed] Extra Buildings added and placements adjusted
[Fixed] Spawn points (No more spawning in the north)
[Fixed] Swimming on spawn bug
[Added] Basic Crafting/Base Building Mechanics
[Added] 3 crafting books for base building:
[Added] Crafting Book (Camp)
- Build Ammo Crate
- Build Weapon Rack
- Build Bench
- Build Razor Wire
[Added] Crafting Book (Small Fortifications)
- Sand Bag Fence
- Sand Bag Fence (Corner)
- Sand Bag Fence (Round)
[Added] Crafting Book (Huge Fortifications)
- Tower
- Gate
- Fortified Sandbag Nest
[Added] BAF_L85A2_RIS_ACOG
[Added] AK_107_pso
[Added] AK_107_kobra
[Added] AK_107_GL_kobra
[Added] AKS_74_pso
[Added] M40A3
[Added] m8_carbine
[Added] m8_carbineGL
[Added] m8_compact
[Added] m8_SAW
[Added] m8_sharpshooter
[Added] MakarovSD
[Added] RPK_74
[Added] Sa61_EP1
[Added] SCAR_L_CQC
[Added] SCAR_L_CQC_Holo
[Added] SVD (standard non-camo/non-nvg)
[Added] VSS_vintorez
[Added] Swaped BAF_L85A2_RIS_HOLO For BAF_L85A2_RIS_SUSAT

[Added] HMMWV Dessert and Forrest Camo
[Added] UralRepair_TK_EP1
[Added] AH6X_EP1
[Added] UH1H_TK_EP1
[Added] RHIB (Speed boat with .50 MG)

- Initial release

Plans for Next Version (0.2.2)

New vehicle spawn loacations and types are being added
- Buses
- Gaz Limo - (black)
- Pickup - Coyota Hilux (white)
- Pickup Tubeframe - "Sundat"
- Sedan - Geo Prism (white)
- UAZ (Red)
- SUV (black)
- BAF Offroad M2 Mounted MG (open vehicle with exposed gunner position)
- Pickup M2 Mounted MG (open vehicle with exposed gunner position AND narrow field of aim (Front facing only))

SouthWest (Rahmadi) and NorthEast (Antigua) Island ONLY vehicles (may be delayed till next update in order to modify ammunition/armor/damage)
- Tanks - Limited ammo + modified armor (possibly manually reloadable single rounds/mags that must be found elsewhere and BROUGHT to the islands)
- Jets - Limited to fixed mount front facing guns only with adjusted damage/armor characteristics
- APC - Limited ammo + modified armor (possibly manually reloadable single rounds/mags that must be found elsewhere and BROUGHT to the islands)

MANY buildings have been added to the map, and many Arma I buildings have been removed and replaced with Arma 2 buildings that are enterable.

- Firestations
- Barns
- Houses
- Barracks
- Deerstands
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