DayZ Sahrani - Features at a Glance

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RACS/RSPD UH1's AH6's Landrovers, and Units:

Black Ops C130's UH1's and Units:

ATACS Desert UH1, AH6, C130, and Units:

U.N. Custom UH1 and C130:

RSPD Zombies:

Black Ops Zombies:

RACS Zombies:

Sahrani Civilian Zombies:

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Black/White UI + Book Crafting (shown below is storage book)

There are 3 Crafting Books:
1. Barriers - 3 Sandbag Walls (Round, Straight, Corner) and one CatWire/TankTrap Assembly
2. Storage - Gunrack (20/0/0), Weapon Cache (75/5/0), Storage Box (100/20/10), Workbench (100/20/0)
3. Camp - Bench, Gate, DeerStand, and Fortified Nest

Inventory Crafting:
You can craft various items together in order to create new items. You right click on an item to get the action menu, if nothing shows there is no recipe for that item as yet. If you get a recipe but lack the other ingredients you will get a hint (below your gear menu so no need to rush to close it) advising what is missing.
1. Crafted Bandage = TP + Duct Tape
2. Wooden Splint = Wood + Duct Tape
3. Drugged Water Bottle = Painkillers + Filled Water Bottle
4. Carbomb = Satchel Charge + Floppy Wires + Electronic Scrap
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Editor Package

Singleplayer enabled for 2d editing (allowing the creation of intros (not available in 3d editor)

All Original "Survivor" Units are under "PMC" class (these have not been labled :

All our SMD units are labled and classed (SMD RACS, SMD PMC, SMD RSPD, and SMD Black Ops:

ALL Zombies have are under "civilian" side:

All DayZ Zombies and ALL our Zombies have been clearly labled and configured.

Many of the SMD units have default load outs.

ALL SMD Vehicles are selectable as well.

Some issues with the HMMWV's and SUV's are preventing some of them from showing.

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Custom Buildings (Including features such as individual panes of shattering glass, animated doors, sfx on some doors, animated destruction, and door breaching):