DayZ Sahrani Private Server launches, sits at wait for host

I have a dedicated server that I am trying to install the DayZ Sahrani mod on. I have installed other mods on this server using Pwnoz0r's server pack that run fine. After setting up the config and batch files accordingly, and using the Sahrani 7.8 server files I cannot seem to get the server to fully initiate.

After running the START_SERVER.bat file, the arma2oaserver.exe opens and says Dedicated host create, Battleye Server Initialized and Host identiy created.
The arma2oaserver.exe also shows players joining the server, and the server comes up as online in dayz commander.

The problem:
-After logging in to the server, the game sits at wait for host indefinately.
-The text window shows the player logging in and battleye doing its client side initialization.
-The arma2oaserver.exe does not show any communication with the database (even though a proper connection is made according to the mysql.bat cmd window).
-No HiveExt.log file is generated
-arma2oaserver.RPT does not have any errors or abnormalities
-The server does not crash

Anyone have any ideas on how this can be fixed? I have tried reinstalling the mod files as well but that did nothing.

Nonov Urbizniz

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The 0.7.8 Package is not complete.

It's really a mess at this point. The safest way to do it unfortunately is to set up a 0.2.1 server, get it running, then patch up to the current build.

I have JUST pushed 0.9.7 to DayZ Commander and it's live.

The Server package is still not a full/complete one.

My hope is to get some feedback on the current release (0.9.7) then once I have the final build of the terrain from M1lk8n I will do my best to put up a clean server install package.

Sorry for the troubles.


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Hi mate, i was totaly excited when i saw Sahrani update...

Of course i managed to download it and add it vanilla on my sahrani DayZ St server to test it quickly and see all your work on...

Unfortunatly i cannot entering the server.
It say error and i go back to multiplayer screen at each attempt. ( cannot join server as it contain deleted files.sara, oac_core)

Any clue whats' going wrong?

Nonov Urbizniz

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sounds like you didn't change the mission file?

Something surely isn't patched, as OAC Core is a dependency of the Caa1 version of the map. This latest version of the mod is on our version of Sahrani "smd_sahrani_a2"


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Hi, well in fact i just used to add default dayz st file with changing nothing.

And i can see you new lobby screen but right before be back at multiplayer screen.

Maybe DayzSt didnt already added the new sahrani update file on their server.
I tryed to check the default files mission and server from dayz st to see if anything in would tell me what 's mode version is it but didnt see any refeer to the mod version in.

I will wait a moment before trying to reinstall days st default files server and mission...

Nonov Urbizniz

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Yeah I doubt has updated their mission yet.... and they're on Bliss so mine will likely not drop in.

If you have DL access to the mission file for YOUR server you can send it to me and I will edit it.


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That's pretty cool..

here it's the link for both, mission and server file for DayzSt 0.7.8

( I use Arma2 pbo view to merge folder. I had already some problem to open pbo made with pbo manager... I hope you will not use it and get the pbo view to let me open it to custom the server further)

Anyway, i tested the update n other server and it seem loot and zombie are really different now.
Many loot
Many zed ...
Many fun for sure...

I will send feedback about the map and your update when i will add test it enought

Nonov Urbizniz

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that should do it.

I only edited the mission, you just need to remove all reverence to oaccore in the required/auto addons lines. and make sure you don't leave any commas on the last item in quotes.

You also have to change all calls "Sara" to "smd_sahrani_a2" in the mission file ONLY.

If anyone used any of our buildings for their own customizations they have all been renamed to include the smd_ ofpec tag if they are land classed.

(IE if it was Land_dum_istan_open or Land_Vez, it is now Land_smd_dum_istan_open and Land_smd_Vez)

SOME of the skins have changed names as well. I'm really sorry for the lack of order, or clear change log, but I will fix it when I get back in the New Year.


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Ho well.
I have no clue about what you speaking about :p

Where to grab this SMD_Day7.bikey?
Where are this Keys folder in my server package? ( i checked server.pbo and nothing is there)
I dont have any key folder in the server


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Nope, i dont found where to add this "SMD_Day7.bikey"
I added the Keys folder with the "SMD_Day7.bikey" into to the server.pbo but it doesnt work.
It may not be the right way to add it


PS: sorry, bu i'm lost and feeling like noobie on this add


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Hi mate, yes i understood that.
But from Dayz St we dont have this Key folder acces.
And Dayz St seems not able to install it ( i sended them the key ) like that to let me hosting it.
I have to wait Dayz ST to install the mod update before been able to host it...
I'm still waiting from them...

What a pitty.
Thanks for your help


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Sorry for reviving this.
Go away from and go to This is one of the best (if not the best) dayz gameserver hoster i know so far.


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What a pitty, when epoch launch an update it's online maximum 24hours later.
They dont hurry up when it's a mod like Sahrani...
I'm still waiting for dayz ST to install the server update mod

Nonov Urbizniz

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Well in fairness to them we changed our Bikey, which most mods don't do. So if I hadn't done that it would likely have updated fine.

But yes it's pretty silly if that's all that's holding it up.


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Well anyway yo are doing what you needed to do isnt it?
I just be amazing how long they took to add stuff on their server.
Especially when it'snt Epoch, chernarus or other most played mod.
I m'not sure to still continue to rent a server on DayZst.
I took it especially for sahrani but waiting around 6 weeks now for nothing with older server file...