DayZ Special Operations Server & Client Files

Will you try and get the mod pushed to commander anytime soon?

Hey Kimzer,
Once i release the next patch update I will talk to dotjosh about adding DayZ Special Ops into it to make it easier,
the patch update should be out in the next week,

The following will be fixed,
Loot tables for new weapons.
Loot tables for Heli Crashes,
Adding in more skins.

@prue420, Glad you got it working.

Sounds good :)

The new patch should improve performance even more with alot more coding & various pictures removed the edits i have made in the last 2 days has taken 20MB of size off the mod because of pictures and coding no longer needed anymore.


New mod update coming out within the next week many new supprises in this update,

There is talk that the map might be being changed as Tasmania is going to take more development then i can manage myself as it takes the original map makers over 2 years to get a finished map out (Credits to Map makers for the hard efforts).

The map we are looking at replacing with is going to make a major difference as it has supermarkets and fuel stations already built into the map itself I will provide more infomation when i have more details to provide about this change.

Loot Tables adjusted to fix over/under spawn amounts.
Added in more customized variables for server owners.

I will give more info on the APLHA release when i have the mod almost ready for release.

Sorry I haven't released an update to spec ops, but I have just quit my current job and have been organizing my new career as a Senior IT technician that I will be starting in 2 weeks so I'm preparing myself for my new job role, once everything settles I will release a new update sorry for the delay and I hope you all understand,

Its all good. Hate when real life gets in the way of our fun.

Good luck with your new job!!!

Thanks Limp, It was time for a change and a good one to suit me! I'm excited as it will give me more time to do more updates to the mod!

It seems to me that this mod is dead in the water its been a month and you have not told us much so do wee keep checking back or do we find another mod to wait on?
Yes I'm no longer working on this project as its not worth it as Arma 3 is taking off and I'm moving across to that instead because soon the scene will be fading out into Arma 3 instead,