DayZ Taviana 1.1.0 Private Hive [EU] rMod | 150 Vehicles | Full Moon | Sidechat | PublicTS3 |

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    Dec 3, 2012
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    Hello there!
    This server needs more survivors roaming the island. Everyone [except cheater/hackers] is welcome to join.

    DayZTaviana www . axe-team . eu (+140 Vehicles, short full moon nights)[RMOD](1.1.0/Beta 99700)[VET|3DP:ON|CH:ON|NP:OFF|WP:ON][GMT-6]

    TS3 server: axe-team.4npserver dot com
    For more information visit: www . axe-team dot eu
    • DayZ Taviana
    • latest ArmA2OA beta patch
    • waypoints
    • crosshairs
    • 3rd person view
    • no nameplates
    • Bliss private hive
    • kill msgs (not working atm)
    • care packages (not working atm)
    • +140 vehicles on the server
    • sidechat
    • active admins
    • full moon nights
    • ingame time GMT -6hrs
    • server restarts every 6hrs
    • rMod
    • public Teamspeak3 server
    • server will have modifications and customizations in the future
    Feel free to post feedback and questions or tellus if you have problems connecting to the server.
    Hope to see you on the Server.

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