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DayZ Intro Credits by IT07

- What it does -
This script shows text on players their screens after they get into the game.
That text can be customized by you ofcourse, you can make it show any text.
A video of how it looks is linked below.

- "Off-topic info" -

This script works for ArmA 3 too! The only thing you will need to remove is one line and it will work in ArmA 3 as well. Read the instructions in the code and you will see what to do.

Original script comes from the ArmA 2 British Armed Forces first campaign mission.
Original script belongs to Bohemia Interactive,
so I do NOT take credit for the original, I only take credit for spicing it up a bit and making it work in DayZ.

- Requirements -
- a dedicated DayZ Server and access to PBO's
- knowledge about editing, packing and uploading PBO's to your server
- basic common sense

Moderate 10

- Installation Steps -
1. Open your dayz_mission.pbo (PboManager recommended)
2. In dayz_mission.pbo, open Init.sqf
3. Find this line of code:

if (!isDedicated) then {
  //Conduct map operations
4. Between those 2 lines, add this:
[] execVM "compile\Server_WelcomeCredits.sqf";
5. Save the file and create a folder called compile inside the root of dayz_mission.pbo
6. Create empty .sqf file with NotePad++ and name it
and save to the compile folder you just put into the mission file
7. copy paste the code from the link below into Server_WelcomeCredits.sqf
8. Save all files and repack your PBO and upload it to your server
9. Look at the awesome credits :)

- Video -
This video will show you how the script looks by default:
(this video was taken on a private testing server, executed by professional people, do not try this at home. lol, jk)

- Changelog -
- 1.3.5 -
[CHANGED/FIXED] Annoying difference in time for script to show depending on how fast the server loads or how long it takes for people to get ingame. Resulted in sometimes too early, sometimes too late/long.
[FIXED] Wrong version number in code (still had 1.3.4 BETA in there)

- 1.3.4 -
[ADDED] Option to set the time for each role to stay on screen
[CHANGED] Reworked the code and explanation

- Credits -
- IT07 for editing the script and making it work in DayZ
- Bohemia Interactive for the original script

Download the code here:
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C0de updated! Changelog:

[CHANGED] Explenation for code
[ADDED] onScreenTime value
[ADDED] HTML Color code examples

Copy over this whole new code, do NOT try to change your existing code before it breaks.
Also forget all the old info on how to modify the code, new explanation is much better.