DayZ Wilderness #1 and #2 Global Chat/Traders(#1)/Custom Locations/Weapons Mods/Vehicle Mods/Base Building Plus

Wilderness DayZ

Wilderness DayZ aims to run a community run server, with 2 servers designed for different playstyles.

Chernarus Server

Our Chernarus Server was created to compliment BaseBuilding and stands as our flagship server for the community. We've incorporated mods to promote group play, such as a Party Mod, with a 3D Hud, so you don't second guess teammates.
We also utilise BaseBuildingPlus' humanity system, where you can either be a Bandit, Hero or a Bambi. The server has many great Base Building mechanics, such as safes, vaults, garages and wall snapping. All recipes are listed within our Discord.
We also use Custom Locations designed myself, such as Camp Wilderness, which features a Food and Vehicle Parts Trader. This camp is central to the map and serves as a community hub. We are also revamping many locations such as NWAF,
NEAF, Devils Castle, Balota and many more to release into our very own modpack. We also use DayZ Expansion Chat, bringing back traditional Global Chat.


[+] Community Online Tools
[+] BuildAnywhere
[+] Inventory Plus
[+] VanillaMapPlusPlus
[+] Code Lock
[+] Unlimited Stamina
[+] WeaponReduxPack
[+] Summer_Chernarus
[+] Cl0uds Military Gear
[+] PartyMe
[+] Quieter Suppressors (AI)
[+] Durable Suppressors
[+] Builder Items
[+] Trader
[+] DayZ-Expansion-Chat
[+] FIDOv Pack 4
[+] GAZ_Tigr
[+] BaseBuildingPlus
[+] Bullet Stacks
[+] Base Furniture Mods

Deer Isle Server

If a more hardcore change of scenery is desired, try our Deer Isle Server. Were listed as a Deer Isle Server Hoster in the Deer Isle Discord. This server brings DayZ back to its original roots, with a standard loot table, no traders,
global chat and no advanced weapon packs.


[+] Deer Isle
[+] CF
[+] Community Online Tools
[+] BuildAnywhere
[+] BaseBuildingLogs
[+] DayZ-Expansion-Chat
[+] WeaponReduxPack
[+] DisableBaseDestruction

Feel Free to join us!