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Decayed Gaming presents - Our DayZ LITERP SA Modded server
Server name/IP Decayed 15KStart|+Guns|+Loot | 1/3PP | Traders |Bases+ |Economy

Some mods include:
Hellretex Mod+Survival+Weapons
Code Lock
Defender 110s (land rovers)
& Loads more

Here at decayed gaming we want to bring you something different from every other server, we are hard are work tweaking the economy (loot pools/trader prices) to ensure every gold coin you earn puts a smile on your face.
We have 3 traders. Drug trader, General Market, and Military Surplus trader. We strive to bring you the best gaming experience, on the best hardware possible. The best part is, our staff team is 100% open to feedback and suggestions and everything will be considered to try and make the best server possible.
As of now we have a majority of the base down, we just need suggestions and players to playtest.

We promise if you give us a try, you will love every minute. Come on down and help us bring the server of our, and your dreams to life!

*This is a LITERP server starting today, rules will be posted later in the day. NO KOS etc. Nothing super serious, no whitelist*