Dedicated Server on NAS System possible?


i´d like to know if its possible to run an DayZ Overpoch Dedicated Server on an NAS System like this

If not, what are the minimum system specs to run it with, lets say 30 slots, 150 vehicles?

Maybe only linux
Maybe later Arma3

What can you recommend?
Should be cheap and easy ;-)

I dont want an 3rd, 4th PC with huge Power Consumption. I like this small box, without extra Monitor.

Which should be accesible worldwide through my VDSL router

Several things, while you could install the files onto the NAS it does not have the capability of running the server itself. It is essentially a box which sits on your network which you can connect other pcs to and use it's storage. As well running a server at home without a T1+ connection will end up with an unreliable server and poor client to server routing.
You're best off renting a server. Very few residential internet connections can handle the stress of a DayZ server, let alone with 30 slots and 100+ vehicles. It's also very CPU dependent, so if you still want to go that route, I'd suggest 4GB of memory, a decent hard disk, and an i3 or Xeon E3 processor.

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The biggest problem you will have is the bandwidth. I run on a 25Mb connection and everyone plays with no issues so far. I have had about 25 people all on at once and it is still decent. I think the specs given towards the beginning were a about that speed with a quad-core cpu and 4GB of RAM, so I would agree with rocky on this one. However, experience in hosting your own from the ground up is much more valuable for future hosting than you would think.

If you knew how to host it from the ground up and how to edit and debug it maybe you will upgrade somewhere down the line. Ultimately you need to ask yourself this question. Will I have 50 players the day i launch and the on down the road. If the answer is no, do it yourself. When you get more players then worry about renting to provide the bandwidth but if you remember what i just may just buy a better ISP with more bandwidth and continue hosting it and more.