DGG Epoch|SnapPro|SelectSpawn|NoPlotToBuild|CustomTraders|

Hey guys DGG Epoch is a new server i have just released and it needs some dedicated player on it come on down and join!
Connection Info: :This ip and port to add to your favourites---->

Server Features
-Little to No lag
-Custom Traders
-Active Admins
-Restarts Are Every 3 Hours

Server Addons
-Snap Building Pro
-MV22/Armoured SUV Animations
-Service Points
-Select Spawn
-Select Class
-Custom Action Menu
-Custom Safezone
-Custom Kill Messages
-Custom Loot
-Custom Mission System
-No Plot Pole To Build
-Build-ables Take No Damage
-Vehicle Claim
-Vehicle Key Changer
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