Do you miss the old dayz?


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Well if you do, i have a treat for you, my back story into all of this comes from playing dayz around the time frankieonPC started making videos on it, im talking WAY back for epoch and overwatch ever existed, now a days those kinda servers just dont exist, or if they do they are just bare bones vanilla servers that have had no work done, i am offering you a way back into the past. our server is a overpoch server but i have removed the kinda items that destroyed dayz in the first place, it is a almost no military, there is like trucks with a mounted 50, but no armed jets, or helis or BTRs. so you can survive in peace and without worry of some 14 year old kid in a pook flying around just going for kills all day. The server has the old style zombies with speed and agro, old style loot spawning, small starting cash, there is missions but limited missions, i still want you guys to always have something to do. and any HEAVY weapons are either removed or really expensive, this server is build for you old school dayz players who still sit at home on a weekend and say to you friends "man do you remember this" or "man dayz just aint the same anymore" well here is the solution. I would greatly appreciate you checking the server out. the connection IP is

My personal discord is - Macmillan#9098
and our server discord is -

Happy hunting and thank you for taking the time to read this