Duplicate Death Messages


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I just set up my server with 1.8.7 and i have added these scripts
Mission spawned vehicles
Mission edited server variables (reduced zombie number etc.), dynamic weather.

Thats about it on mods but ive noticed that when anyone dies it will say they died 2-3 times in a row and on some occasions created a duplicate corpse with no gear on it in the same spot.

Here is the server rpt.


thanks in advance!


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22:25:10 "Player UID#76561198084859554 CID#2510 PID#4(El Vitaminas) as SurvivorW2_DZ died at Wilderness [-187:-104]"
the majority of your messages are like this. i assume the -187 -104 are the coordinates.
dayz spawns all the players as "agents" off the map and when you spawn in, yoh take control of an agent and get teleported to your spawn location.
i am going to assume most of the deaths are the agents killing each other. so in your mission.sqm
if you use your admin hacks, set godmode and teleport to that location you will see them shooting each other i expect.

now your problem with multiple bodies. players are respawning and their,agent is getting killed and the sched_corpses is moving the body to,the last place they died ... i think
compare these 2 lines that are 37 seconds apart. notice its the same player cid. so your agents are hosed up in the mission.sqm

22:49:55 "Player UID#76561198140722180 CID#2524 PID#18(Etan) as Bandit1_DZ died at airstrip [121:27]

["z\addons\dayz_server\system\scheduler\sched_corpses.sqf","Corpse has been moved! CID#","2524","from:",[-18701,25800,0.00143433],"to:",[12066.3,12662.9,0]]


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but you have a bigger problem ... them bitches on your server are just killing each other for fun ... cant we all just get along? :D


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I couldnt find creatunit or createagent in the mission.sqm which im assuming that file only exists in the mpmission folder. I haven't noticed the multiple bodies spawning lately but that might be just a fluke as i have changed nothing once noticing the problem. Every player that dies is still reporting multiple death messages.