Dystopia hard core 1pp xbox server


New Member
50 slot
Mouse and keyboard
currency system
fully built cars with jerry can
no wipes
server in new york zero lag in uk
night time 30 minuets
KOS friendly

looking for a brand new server with boosted loot and many fun adventures to come? We have raid weekends, events, custom loot spawns, and more. We have a 50 slot server on chernarus and we’re looking for members to start our community. We don’t have many rules and they are easy to follow. We are mainly a pvp server, but wouldn’t mind any light roleplay. Also there is a trader base and SZ at green mountain for everyone to check out! There is a zone map for factions to go head to head. Theres admins that truly care about the members and server. We are looking for lots of members groups and factions to join our server, Dystopia. This is a fresh server with a good amount of loot laying Around if you think you have what it takes to be the best, come give Dystopia a try, we’re planning on being the next best thing.