DZAI attack WAI mission


New Member
Hello, I am having a problem with DZAI attacking WAI mission's. They either kill all the WAI AI's at the mission or some of them . However I think that is causing the WAI mission themselves to not clear. I have looked in the DZAI config and I don't see anything in it about not allowing them to attack other AI's. Only this

//If enabled, AI group will attempt to track down player responsible for killing a group member. Players with radios will be given text warnings if they are being pursued (Default: true)
DZAI_findKiller = true;

Also the DZAI use uaz's with dshkm's which I have removed from the allowd vehicles they are allowed to drive. They still are getting them.

Any ideas on how to get them to stop them from attacking WAI mission's and how to prevent them from using those uaz's?