Enterable buildings

Greetings magnificent devs and other people,

Do you have someone who is working on or will be working on making buildings enterable?
I imagine that it takes quite a lot of work so I hope you make a priority list based on the number of instances of said building.

On a related note: will we see fixed doorways soon for the barracks (the doors that you have to wiggle to get through)?


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The doorways have been fixed. They are already waiting in the repository :)

ShermanFTW is working on the hospital right now, and will then move on to more buildings. It will be a slow and painful process but majority if not all building will be enter-able soon enough.
Sweet, good to hear that those pesky doorways are on their way out.

On a side note (and please excuse if I am talking nonsense, I obviously know nothing about this): is there any file that stores the location of all buildings on the map? If there is, you could pull a list of all instances of buildings on the map and use that to count which buildings are the most frequent. Then you could maximize the usefulness of your time.

Nonov Urbizniz

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The project is well in hand! Don't you worry about it. We have another modeller too but he is an Arma only guy, and can only dedicate some time to the project.

If you want to know it will take about 10-14 buildings to open up 70-80pct of the map.... We do face some interesting obstacles though... those "stores" in all the city are just faces. not actual buildings so that will be the last thing that gets done and in lots of cases we won't be able to fake it so there will still be closed ones too.