[Epoch] Looking for assistance with Epoch Scripts and pack

Ok hey guys i am running two servers right one in the US and one in AU i am looking for someone who knows what they are doing to help me add mods/scripts like Self BloodBag, Tow/Life Vehicles, Debug Monitor, Auto refuel, Mission System, Random loot spawns, Street Lights, Building Lights, Deploy bike, Selection Screen, Welcome credits, Anti Theft Backpacks, Safezones, Building snapping, Remove parts from vehicles.

I go to use packs but they either cause more issues or they don't work full stop i tried using http://opendayz.net/...3r5-pack.14739/ but that seem to cause issues and then i tried http://opendayz.net/threads/wip-release-sheeps-epoch-repack.14561/ but they just have to many issues

is there anyone that could please help me
It's not that hard to add these in yourself, I have most of what you're asking for running on my dayz.st epoch server now. I wouldn't use the packs unless they are constantly updated by the OP. There are a lot of changes in the epoch system every update and that is likely your issue. Get a pbo system like pbomanager or cpbo and unpack your pbo's. Also recommend getting notpad++ with the compare plugin. Most of those mods are available on opendayz. Just follow the directions, and if you run into issues, always look at your rpt file. The rpt will tell you where the issues are, and often what is wrong with the code.