[Epoch] NEAF Charlie by FoRcE


// NONPVP Pack Epoch Chernarus - By FoRcE
// To Call Mission Side Do The Following:
// Save as neafcharlie.sqf
// Add A New Folder Named newbases in your dayz_mission folder
// Call the file in your init.sqf in your dayz_missions.pbo
// Add [] ExecVM "newbases\neafcharlie.sqf"; // NEAF With Runways
// NOTE: If you have custom bases already change the link to yours
// Thanks And Enjoy Visit www.3guysgaming.com for more custom map additions.
// To Call Server Side Do The Following:************************************************************************
// Alternately you may add the content server side to reduce mission file size for new players joining your server.
// At the bottom of server_functions.sqf add this line:
// execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\init\neafcharlie.sqf";
// Then save code in OP in a new .sqf in \init folder named neafcharlie.sqf
// Or***********************************************************************************************************
// Install server-side:
// Put the file neafcharlie.sqf somewhere in your server folder I use a buildings folder but it is what you prefer.
// Open server_functions.sqf and add in this line at the end:
// call compile preProcessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\neafcharlie.sqf";
// Remember to change the path to where you placed the file.
// Copy The Code Below The ///

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Thanks, This one is pretty much a mirror of one I did before without the runways, I wish there was a way to put these in 1.8 as well.