Error -102


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Your trying to load your localhost url and trying to access the dayz folder.

You cant do that.

What are you using that for?


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I just tried to test this programm on my server. I started it, and when i enter the Administration Tab, i get this Error.


Apache not started. Either port 78 used, some other apache server running maybe or configuration failed during setup. Check it's log and try a reconfiguration using the setup or do a fresh install.


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I am having this same issue, but nothing is running using that port. httpd.exe throws out an error, but wont log it... so i dunno whats wrong. Should i be replacing ALL my @dayzcc and @dayzcc_config folders with the ones downloaded from the git package? Cause when i do (even after a fresh install) it gives me the 102 error, and apache will not launch.