Excommunicated Dayz Xbox server


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Server Name:Excommunicated

Console:Xbox1 (OneX recommended)

32 Slots(Ready to grow to 50 once demand is met)

First Person Perspective.

Features: -Traders.
-Event Facilities.
-Green zones and Red zones.
-Bounty Guild.
-Factions(With Perks)
-In-game Currency.
-Weekly Events.
-Fully tweaked loot economy including zombies and heli crashes.
-C130s. -Hordes.
-Dark Nights(3 Hour Days, 1 Hour Nights)
-Light-Hardcore settings.
-Active discord including player run radio channel.

And here's a short little video advertisement if you care to watch!
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRejjfdKMbA