FinalStand Chernarus/DeerIsle/Chiemsee Servers Now Open in the US - Dedicated Physical Servers

If you enjoy the right mix of survival and PVP, come check us out. You WON'T be looking for a weapon for long but you have to work a LITTLE for the GOOD stuff. We have I have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for ADMIN ABUSE. Not only will my admins loose their powers, they will be banned from the server(s). I really do not tolerate cheating of ANY kind and admin abuse is the WORST. We have the right amount of mods, adding some really cool weapons and gear. We have community polls, because we want to hear from our players and we value your input. The admins are friendly and you will be treated respectfully. We have 90+ percent uptime so we've made our servers as stable as DayZ will allow come drop by and check us out, join Discord if you want and say hi.

Search for FinalStand in the DZSA Launcher