[FIX] Dayz Taviana and Epoch missing kh_dayztaviana content


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I believe I have found a fix for the common missing downloadable content kh_dayztaviana when you are trying to run a dayz epoch taviana 2.0 server. This may come as a stunner and I am not 100% if this is the solution but it does get rid of the error and does not seem to have any negative impact on the servers.

In your mission.sqm in the mission.pbo simply add "kh_dayztaviana", under "tavi" for the addons.

For Example:


Pack up the pbo and reinsert it to the server.

Now on an end note:

I do believe this will fix it, code has been run on the server to see if anything from kh_dayztaviana is being called through variables and nothing was found so far, but please if you do find something that is wrong or is having an impact on the server please inform me.

We currently have a 100% tested and running dayz.st test server for Epoch Taviana 2.0 that you can join through dayz commander by adding -mod=@Taviana in the launch parameters and plan on making this a full release for all of our customers. http://i.imgur.com/uReBbmY.png


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been having issues on my server regarding scroll wheel and actions dissapearing after a while for some players cant seem to figure out if this is causing the problem or my antihack is interfering or bit of both will do some more testing when i get a chance and let you know


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That would be an antihack issue most likely. Easy way to test is to see if it happens to people in the admin list or just regular players. If it affects everyone, its possible it could be something else messing with fn_selfActions.


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it seemed to affect 2 of our admins also, one lost the ability to enter vehicles (icons showed but no text) a log fixed this, another admin couldnt access safe after being able to earlier again a log fixed this, another none admin user reported that while cutting wood after a random amount of time the interface bugged and he could no longer continue and his user sat there until he logged.. logged in again and got the same bug over and over until it stopped until an hour later *sigh* if its not one thing its another lol im sure this is a step in the right direction though :)


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a little update: the isssues we were experiencing were due to CBA and JSRS sound mod this fix seems to work perfect thanks again


Just an update to assist. I was having trouble as well, but instead of deleting my JSRS and CBA stuff from my modline, I added @Taviana to it and all is well. Hope this helps someone.


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I just got that error too when trying the newly moded server. Found the error in my RPT file.

15:07:27 kh_dayztaviana
15:07:27 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.kh_dayztaviana

So, I tried to find this kh_dayztaviana, but only found it in the dayz version of the @tavi. Seeing that I am using Epoch, do I simply remove the kh_dayztaviana reference from my mission.sqm file or copy paste it from the dayz version? Not sure where to go from here.
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