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Here at Fractured we aim to create a dynamic and ever changing environment. Whether you’re a coast dweller or a Tisy camper we have a spot here for you, come help us pave the way to an enjoyable RP experience here in this forsaken land of Chernarus!


- Role-play Server with no KOS outside of the designated zones
- Custom Trader zones in select locations (Northwest Airfield, Pulkovo)
- Active Discord
- Active friendly admins
- 4 hour restarts with 3x increased time acceleration
- Community driven

Newest addition to the server! a W200 Pickup truck

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Come join us tomorrow for the first annual Ron Jambo cooking extravaganza! full of food and activities and good times all around!

Join the discord for more info!


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Server population is growing by the day! come join the community and pave the way for an enjoyable RP experience!