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    Hello everyone !

    We are still a new server, but with growing popularity. The server is US based but players that are currently on are from all different time-zones, so you'll rarely see an empty server. Server is mostly daytime only, but we do "switch it up a little bit" every 2-3 days to add a few restarts of dusk-dawn-night. Us admins are also from different time-zones and at least one of us is on at any given time (if not in server, then in TeamSpeak).

    • Ghost of Chernarus custom map
    • Animated Heli, AN2 Crash
    • Selfbloodbag
    • Autorefuel | Repair | Rearm
    • Salvage modification to remove every part
    • NPC (Sarge AI) with modified weapons
    • Side Missions (EMS) with reduced loot
    • DZMS Main missions
    • Custom debugmonitor with mission display
    • AI Zone Alpha
    • Several Map Updates
    • New Traders & Changes
    • Traders Safezone
    • Wrecks with Loot
    • Service Station near Stary City
    • Snap Building
    • Indestructible Bases
    • Extra Vehicles (AH1Z, KA52, M113Ambulance, Bell Heli and more)
    • No Plot
    • Tow & Lift with modified vehicle/heli list
    • No Tow on locked vehicles
    • Vehicle Master Key
    • EVAC Chopper
    • No Salvage on locked vehicles
    • No Damage on locked vehicles
    • Take Clothes
    • EVR Blowouts
    • and more...

    As you can see it has plenty of addons, there's a couple more of them, but you can check that out for yourself :) We definitely do have more hero players than bandits(better prices at hero traders :p ), but it balances out nicely. PVP is of course allowed, PVE is encouraged :). We "listen" to our players and then see if we can implement the things they ask for / need. Come and join our happy community :)


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    Website / Forums :

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