Gamers Z-World "for the players"


We have a server in DayZ! Come and join the community, make your own base or raid one. Make friends or kill some. Kill on sight or pve, you decide. We have Traders in Green Mountain and Kumyrna, we also have AIRDROPS with heavy loot.

Join the server with DZSA Launcher.

Autorun "press + on numpad"

Gamers Z-World

The mods on the server is:

CF, BuildAnywhere, DayZ-Expansion-Notifications, Trader, Banking, Airdrop, Code Lock, Vloud`s Military Gear, Mass`sManyitemOverhaul, PartyMe, WeaponReduxPack, MoreGuns, Unlimited Stamina, SIX-DayZ-Auto-Run, DisableBaseDestruction, VanillaPlusPlusMap, ZomBerry Admin Tools, SayZ-Expandion-Chat, GoreZ, DayZ Navigation, No Shoe Damage.

Discord Link

If its not working let me know...

Kind Regards